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The Physics of Risk Mitigation in Construction Technology Deployment

The challenge for the technology-solution providers and the builders who adopt their products and put them into practice is to achieve a higher level of trust with owners, while at the same time to produce more extensive evidence that their solutions and applied practices scale up in a consistent manner. Continue reading The Physics of Risk Mitigation in Construction Technology Deployment

Eighth International Society of Construction Law Conference

Construction Law: Local Issues – Global Perspectives

Anamaria Popescu is the chairman of the Society of Construction Law (SCL), North America and a member of the SCL Conference committee. On September 27, she will provide an introduction and welcome, and take part in the roundtable “Are Protocols Poseidon’s Trident or an Achilles Heel?”

On September 27, Andres Alva will take part in a panel on “Legal Aspects That Affect Claims Management.”

On September 28, Janet Rieksts–Alderman and Jean-Marie van der Elstwill discuss “Global Advisory on Capital Projects–How to Help Your Clients Mitigate Risk for a Competitive Advantage.”

John Jerz is a member of the SCL North America board.

BRG is a sponsor.

The Society of Construction Law has led industry discussions at events and conferences around the world for many years, and for the first time North America will host the International Society of Construction Law Conference from September 26–28.

Join us in Chicago, where global legal and construction experts will explore the ins and outs of the two leading delay and disruption guides, the new loss of productivity standard, and their use.

Leading practitioners will guide us through:

  • Differences in contract interpretation
  • Dispute resolution and penalty clauses around the world
  • Practical management tools for mega projects
  • How to embrace uncertainty and think outside the box
  • Increasing risk mitigation opportunities for a competitive advantage
  • Appreciating the application of technology on projects and in arbitration

This is a unique opportunity to join legal and construction industry professionals in discussing these issues and networking with global leaders in these fields.

The conference will provide an interactive dialogue with live polling questions, opportunities for participation, and working sessions. Connect with peers from North America and around the world.

This conference is proudly hosted by the Society of Construction Law North America, American College of Construction Lawyers, Canadian College of Construction Lawyers, and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Register for the conference.

Book rooms at the conference hotel: the beautiful and historic Palmer House has provided a special rate of $249 per night.

Issues in Public–Private Partnerships (Part 1)

By: John Baxter and Rick Moffat

As public–private partnerships (P3) become an increasingly popular delivery model, a new set of risks has begun to arise for both owners and bidders seeking to win projects. Based on experience, BRG sees common areas where disagreements occur; we then proactively address potential gaps and work towards further enhancing agreements between parties. The following are a couple of samples of areas in which we have seen these risks.

Continue reading Issues in Public–Private Partnerships (Part 1)