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Tracking Performance = Tracking Profitability

If you mention tracking performance on a construction site, there will likely be some eye rolling; however, the mention of tracking profitability may elicit a much different response. If more contractors viewed tracking performance as being related to tracking profitability, more contractors may embrace it. Continue reading Tracking Performance = Tracking Profitability

Subcontractor Default Insurance

Rick Fultineer and Frank Calvaruso will take part in the K&L Gates webinar “Subcontractor Default Insurance: Best Practices for Claim Preparation and Coverage Strategy to Streamline the Claim Process” on September 19. Continue reading Subcontractor Default Insurance

Middle East Consultant article series

In a two-part series at ME Consultant, Craig Gibson writes about quantifying and demonstrating disruption on construction projects, formulating disruption claims, and establishing causation; and discusses potential methods to quantify the financial effect of productivity lost through disruption. Continue reading Middle East Consultant article series