Claims and Disputes: Claims Avoidance Strategies and Building a Sound Claims Defense

Avoiding or minimizing claims requires a conscientious approach to contract drafting and project planning as well as a proactive approach with adequate management and control techniques during the project execution phase.

BRG’s two-part seminar informed participants on potential measures they can take to better manage the outcome of projects and increase the probability that changes or disputes can be avoided or have favourable outcomes. Niamh Ni Chroinin discussed topics including:

Session 1

  • Identifying and managing the baseline (schedule, tender documentation, project responsibility)
  • Managing change: focusing on entitlement and recovery
  • Using and differentiating between contractual mechanisms
  • Managing cost and schedule: excusability and compensability
  • Managing communication and relationships

Session 2

  • Schedule analysis and productivity analysis: What analysis can be performed? What basic information is required? What are key considerations of differing types of analysis? What can be performed in-house? When should an external consultant be engaged?
  • Dispute resolution: a review of differing forms and how to avoid them, if possible.

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